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Thursday, July 2, 2009

When Young Farmers Talk, ArborOne Listens

ArborOne Financial is always looking for ways to better meet the needs of customers; and in anticipation of market and overall economy changes, felt it was a good time to bring together small groups of young farmers for their input on several topics. These topics included, but were not limited to: the future of farming and agriculture, how the economic challenges might affect their individual business and how we, ArborOne, could better serve them, our present and future customers, heading into 2009.

Recently, two meetings were held by ArborOne, one in Florence and another in Marion. Representatives of agriculture - from poultry and cattle to row crops and agribusiness were in attendance. Each of these meetings began with a brief presentation about ArborOne and the Farm Credit System. A discussion time followed in which the farmers were asked to share their thoughts, opinions and questions.

The farmers were vocal in their expectations of a lender, what they wanted and what was important to them. High on the list of expectations was lenders doing what they say they will, when they say they will. Having confidence in the future of their financial institution, knowing that it is was going to remain solvent and continue to loan money were also high on the list. Just as important as the previous two items was the speed of the decision about a loan.

These meetings gave the farmers not only an open forum to share information but also to network. Many had never met due to being in different sectors of agriculture or different counties. The meetings were facilitated by Jack Shuler, President and CEO of ArborOne.

"I’m very pleased with the willingness of our young farmers to share their thoughts and ideas," Mr. Shuler said. "These are the future leaders of our agricultural community."

ArborOne anticipates holding more of these type meetings in the future. However, customer input is always encouraged and welcome. E-mail, phone calls, even visits are appreciated. Our main offices are located in Florence at 800 Woody Jones Blvd, behind the Florence Civic Center. We also have a branch office at 900 C Suite-A, Main Street in Conway. Visit our website and read "Jack’s Blog", become a fan on facebook, follow us on twitter; all are opportunities to share information and ideas. Our territory stretches across 12 counties in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. We appreciate how busy you are so the Relationship Managers at ArborOne come to you to conduct business. Contact us today (800) 741-7332.

ArborOne Financial is a proud member of the Farm Credit System which was created by Congress to serve agriculture and rural America. Operating as a cooperative, ArborOne is customer-owned and shares its profits directly through patronage dividends with the farmers and rural land owners that borrow from us. Learn more about ArborOne at